Set goals that inspire you and ignite your passion

What excites you about your goals for 2019?

What ignites the fire and passion in you?

If you haven’t already set your goals for 2019 may I suggest that you follow the quote below

The power of mindset…what can it do?

I love studying and learning about the power of mindset. I firmly believe that if we can control our thoughts…we can control everything. I am going to focus on learning more about and sharing thoughts around mindset for the rest of the month. Would love to hear your thoughts around how your mindset can and does assist you in life.

Today is a new day!

Happy 2018!!! I was speaking with someone yesterday about the power of daily personal development and the power it has on getting our day started off the way we want it to. I felt prompted to begin my “thoughts for the day” again. It is a simple step…but it gives me some additional inspiration to make each day, each moment count.

What are you doing in December?

December is a great month to reflex, review, and set plans in place for the upcoming year.  I have always been a firm believer in setting goals and working each day to accomplish them.

December can be a great month to get your goals in place so that you are already running towards your goals in January

How could this quote assist you today?

Our ability to choose how we respond

I just had a great call with a leader who is going through some tough times, but is choosing to focus on controlling what she can and letting go of what she can’t.

The one thing NO ONE can ever take away from us is our ability to choose how we respond. It was a great reminder to me of the power that each of us have to decide HOW we are going to respond to the situations that life gives us.

Our conversation also reminded me of the 90/10 principle, and gave me added strength to focus on what I can control today. How could this assist you today?

2017 starts a new book…what are you going to write?

​I have been thinking about 2016 and all the amazing blessings that have happened to me and my family, struggles we have overcome, and lessons we have learned.  2016 would be a great book if I were to write it all down.
What about you?  What is the biggest success for you in 2016?
Tomorrow starts a new year full of new opportunities.  What are you going to write in your book in 2017?

As you think so shall you be

“As you think…so shall you be” – This phrase hit me to the core again this morning. I have been learning again of the power that my thoughts have on my results. Please take a few minutes and watch the video clip below and let us know how this focus can assist you in achieving your goals in life.