Who do you look up to, look forward to, and who do you chase?

I came across this video today and had to pass it along.  please take a minute and watch the short video.

I would love to hear your answers to the following questions

  • Who do you look up to?
  • Who do you look forward to?
  • Who do you chase?

What happens when we stop judging ourselves?

My 12-year-old daughter came up to me yesterday and asked me if I thought she was fat.  It broke my heart to hear her say these words.  I offered my thoughts around her question and in the end, with tears in her eyes, she thanked me for being such a good father and for inspiring her to believe in herself.  That is a moment I will never forget!

As I thought about this experience last night I was reminded of the principle I have been studying this week.  Our level of true awareness is directly related to our lack of Judging.  I realized more than ever that this principle has to start with our SELF-JUDGEMENT.  If we can’t overcome judging ourselves, how can we ever learn to overcome judging others?

We live in a world of judgement, of people telling us what they think,  and it is sad that the “judgement” of the world has put this belief in my daughters mind that she has to be skinny to be beautiful.   I disagree with this limiting belief and  want my daughter, my wife, and my sons to always remember the quote below:


When we stop judging ourselves…we truly find freedom.  When we do this, it doesn’t matter what other say about us, or what the world says we should do, or look like.  We live for us.  In the end…isn’t that what matters most?

Why do we miss opportunities?

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work” – Thomas Edison

What a true statement.  How often do we look for the big break, the perfect job offer, or the perfect client, and miss the opportunity that is staring us in the face because it seems like too much work.  

Opportunities do require attention and work…and are sometimes hard.  It has been my experience however, that these “hard” opportunities provide the greatest lessons and rewards. 

After all…”The hard is what makes it great”

Why Not Give Yourself The Chance?

This is a great post about investing in yourself. Had to pass it along.

“But we’ll never get the chance to see ourselves obtaining those things if we don’t invest our time and energy, into those subjects to make one fit its own imagination, into the physical form of their own lives!”

worthy ideal

Many of us have the right mind set and the right attitude to achieve greatness, but some of us are limiting our potential, which staggers us to make any progress towards our lives!

When was the last time you’ve picked up a book on your vocation? When was the last time you’ve made progress towards your worthy ideal? When was the last time you’ve invested towards your mind?

If you’ve enjoyed the results you’ve been getting, keep doing what you’re doing. If you’re not enjoying the results you’ve been getting, you’re going to have to do something different!

As Thomas Jefferson put it beautifully, If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done before

So it is critical for us to start investing within ourselves which will gradually change us for the better!

If a man has the knowledge to…

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You gotta want to succeed as bad as you want to breath

I found this YouTube clip this morning and had to share.  This 6 minute clip has a lot of great thoughts and motivation around goals, desire, and passion.  I typed up a few of the thoughts that stuck out to me.

“There will never be a point in your life, where its the right time to do a great thing.  If you are waiting for that perfect perfect moment, that perfect timing…its not going to happen.  You know what you have to do, you have to create the perfect time, and the perfect opportunity and the perfect situation.”

“If you are waiting on your next door neighbor to make it happen for you, it may not happen.  If you are waiting on your mother or your father they may be so ancient in their thinking that they don’t understand this opportunity you have, and if you are waiting on them it may never get done.

You don’t beg average people to be phenomenal, you don’t beg good people to be phenomenal.  you just ARE phenomenal and you will attract phenomenal.”

“I mean that what you did last week don’t count. Today, Today is the only important day.  There are 86,400 seconds in a day and how you use those are critical.  You got 86,400 today and what you do today is going define who you are.”

You gotta want to succeed as bad as you want to breath.”

What is the one thing that you want to succeed at?

What happens when we give our VERY BEST?

What happens when we give our very best at something?  How is this different than just going through the motions?

For me, when I give my very best at whatever I am doing I notice that I am always surprised at where I end up…and I usually inspire myself and others along the way.

This short video is a great example of this principle.



To my family…The world is what we say it is.

To my entire family,

“I have for many years endeavored to make this vital truth clear; and still people marvel when I tell them that I am happy. They imagine that my limitations weigh heavily upon my spirit, and chain me to the rock of despair. Yet, it seems to me, happiness has very little to do with the senses. If we make up our minds that this is a drab and purposeless universe, it will be that, and nothing else. On the other hand, if we believe that the earth is ours, and that the sun and moon hang in the sky for our delight, there will be joy upon the hills and gladness in the fields because the Artist in our souls glorifies creation. Surely, it gives dignity to life to believe that we are born into this world for noble ends, and that we have a higher destiny than can be accomplished within the narrow limits of this physical life.” ~ Helen Keller

One of the biggest desires that I would love to see each of you understand is the power your thoughts and belief’s have on your life.  If you think the world is amazing…it will be.  If you think the world is horrible…it will be.  Each one of you have the ability to choose how your world looks and feels.

Love, Dad.