Anger…Is it an unconscious choice that holds us back from directing our lives?

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Is anger an unconscious choice and emotion? 

This is an interesting question for me.  I will be honest, there are times when I find myself getting angry.  Mostly with myself and my children.  As I have paid attention to my conscious choices, I have realized that Anger is truly an unconscious “reactionary” emotion, and that getting angry takes the control away from me being able to direct my life.

This quote provides some great insight on this emotion

“Patience and Compassion are stronger than Anger.  Anger is an unconscious emotion which arises without you thinking about it.  Nobody consciously chooses to be angry.  Nobody chooses anger, it just arises, like a knee-jerk reaction.  Patience is a conscious emotion.  Patience and Compassion have the energy of pure consciousness behind them.  That’s why Patience and Compassion are stronger than Anger” – quote found on

How does anger hold you back from making conscious choice about how you want to direct your life?