What happens when you change your perspective?


This quote is such a powerful reminder of how our perspective create our experience with life, situations, relationships, work, and most everything else.  What would happen if we truly changed our perspective when we were faced with challenges or stressful situations?

I had an opportunity to experience this change of perspective this week.  I have experienced an increase in workload at my job over the last month.  This increase has required more from me, and I will admit…I have found myself feeling a bit overwhelmed with all that I am being asked to do.

This perspective of being “overwhelmed” was challenged by my wife this week.  We were talking over the phone after a particularly stressful client call I had just finished.  In her wisdom, she asked me “Babe, what if you stopped feeling overwhelmed and started feeling grateful for all the clients you get to work with?”  She may not have said those exact words, but that was what I heard.

This question stopped me dead in my tracks…and I was able to take a look at how my current perspective was holding me back.   As I thanked my wife for her wisdom, I made a commitment to change my perspective on my current workload.  This renewed perspective of feeling grateful for all the clients I get to work with totally changed the remainder of my week.

Could it really be that easy?  Could a change in perspective really allow us to experience more from life?  

From my perspective the answer is YES.

How about you? 


6 thoughts on “What happens when you change your perspective?

  1. Couldn’t be more accurate. We can’t always choose the situations that enter our lives, but we can always choose the meaning we give them. I find it interesting that the difference between those who are successful and those who are not often comes down to this conscious decsion.

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  2. Impressive that you were able to accept your wife’s question, shows humility and the willingness to change. I need to work on those attributes: Humility and willingness to change. We get bombarded with different opinions, perspectives, and choices. Hopefully we have the right perspective to look at all this in the ‘right’ way.

    Thanks for sharing this. Chanse

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    • Chanse. I am grateful for the people in my life that are willing to help me reset. I would also add to your thought that your perspective isn’t right or wrong…it is just your perspective. I think as we release the judgement we put on ourselves and others our perspective can also be free of judgement as well.


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