Does 1/2 effort build momentum?

One of the principles that has stuck out to me again this month is that in order to get and then keep momentum in your life, work, relationships…you have to consistently WORK.

We can’t expect to see the results or see momentum build if we are not doing our part.

What can you do today to add to your momentum?

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Just do something

Getting momentum in life and in business IS sometimes hard, but never forget that you need to “start” to create momentum, and you need to stay consistent to keep momentum.

What are your plans today to start and/or keep your momentum going?

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Do baby steps even matter?

I grew up playing baseball, so the analogy in this video hits home to me this morning. To gain and to keep momentum, we sometimes have to focus on the baby-steps, the simple wins…knowing that even these baby steps if done consistently will create momentum and eventually get us to our goal.
What are your plans to increase your momentum today?


I was inspired by the consistency of the people I got to work with last month. It was a great month, and proved to me once again that being consistent is a KEY characteristic of successful people

This month I am going to focus on the principle of Momentum.

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