Enjoy the Journey…not just the Destination

Today I finished my final assignment for my Energy Leadership Coaching program that I have been attending over the last year.  It was an amazing feeling to see all of the work that I have put in over the last year completed.

As I look back over all that I have done I have been able to recognize how enjoyable this last year has been.  It has been hard…I have had to put time, effort, and sacrifice into this training, but the satisfaction of this journey has been life changing.

This quote puts my last year into perspective


I have noticed that I sometimes get so caught up in the “destination” or in “reaching my goal” that I forget to enjoy the journey.  As I focus on the Joy of the journey…I notice that I enjoy to process so much more.

What are your thoughts? 


4 thoughts on “Enjoy the Journey…not just the Destination

  1. Congrats. This reminds me of an old saying comparing sailing to using motor boats.

    A person uses a motor boat to get where he wants to be.
    A person sails, because he’s already where he wants to be.

    The goal is the ultimate destination, but no matter how large or important it is, it never means we can’t enjoy the process of getting there.

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