We are all perfect…just the way we are

This week I am studying the following principle:  “Each one of us is a perfect, unique, energy force.”

We live in a world full of Judgement and comparison.  It seems that a lot of us are not happy or content until we reach a certain income, look a certain way, or achieve a certain status.  This principle allows us to let go of all the judgments and comparing and simple LIVE according to our definition of perfection.  The quote below really drives this idea/principle home for me.

“Remembering our true state is perfect, regardless of what we think, say or do, releases self-condemnation and frees us up to really live.  Great [People] love themselves and their clients unconditionally.  We are never afraid to let our light shine, as we know that this is a beacon for others to embrace.  Remember, the definition of perfection is unique, unto itself.  Relax, You’re already perfect!” – Unconventional Wisdom

What are you thoughts on this topic?