What is important and what isn’t?

I absolutely love this quote and the principle it teaches.  Life is so much easier and more enjoyable when you focus on what you think of yourself instead of what other people think of you.

“One day it just clicks… You realize what’s important and what isn’t. You learn to care less about what other people think of you and more about what you think of yourself. You realize how far you’ve come and you remember when you thought things were such a mess that they’d never recover. And then you smile.  You smile because you are truly proud of yourself and the person you’ve fought to become” – Anonymous


2 thoughts on “What is important and what isn’t?

  1. Great words of wisdom. I just put a quote on my wall. “Keep the main thing, the main thing” – Steven R Covey. The main thing for me is my family, because when I think on this main thing nothing else matters.
    Another fave quote is: When we put God first in our lives everything falls into proper place or out of our lives.
    I am so good at worrying about what others expect of me, want me to do, and think of me. This creates fear which does nothing.
    I am trying to learn not to care and focus on the main thing.

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