Lesson’s I have learned about Perspective

I am always amazed at the lessons I learn from the quotes I find and the comments that are shared on the topics we discuss. Discussing perspective this month has opened my eyes to a new level of awareness and choice and has assisted me greatly!!!

The biggest lesson I have learned this month is that perspective is a choice…a mental attitude…and as I become more aware of it, I can make better choices on how I am going to respond.

Even though I am not perfect at challenging the perspectives that hold me back…I am a lot better at it than I was last month.  I guess that is the purpose of perspective…You either win…or you learn.  I am continually learning.

Hopefully those in my life that are learning with me can continue to be patient with me while I work to improve 🙂



Does our perspective create our path?

I love this quote…it is another great example of the power of our perspective. We can either wait to see our “path” laid out in front of us…or we can create our “path” by every step we take.

Keep taking the steps!!!


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Change your perspective…change your life

Happy Friday. I usually like to post a video around the topic we are discussing this month. I love the video below. Preston talks about the power of perspective and perception and it really hits some great points.
Please take 4 minutes and watch the video below and let us know what your thoughts are…and how this video can assist you in building the life you were born to have.

Is losing a perspective?

Is “losing” a perspective? When we don’t hit our goals, or are behind on where we want to be…do we pass judgement and label it as a loss?

What if we took a different perspective? What could the benefits be to your life if you looked at “losing” differently?

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Perspective on our Journey

Does your perspective of your journey assist you in moving forward or hold you back from moving forward?

How could a change in perspective about your journey allow you to live with more purpose and passion?


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What’s in your glass?

The impact of our perspective is such an interesting topic to study. I continue to be amazed at what I am learning this month and the discussions we are having

What are your thoughts about the quote below?


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Perspective = Response

What power does our perspective…and our response have on our lives? If we have a negative perspective, we can respond in a way that holds us back and negatively impacts others. If we change our perspective to one of opportunity or growth our response can inspire and motivate.
What perspective are you going to focus on today?