It is amazing how our perspective can change our reality. Perspective can make a tough moment great…a great moment tough…and can totally change what we decide to do next.

How has challenging and changing your perspective helped you this week?


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Do we create our perspective?

I have always loved the training and teaching of Wayne Dyer. In this short video he shares a great principle of the power of perspective.
We create our perspective by our thoughts and beliefs. What can you do today to change the way you look at something in your life that will assist you in moving forward?

What do you see when you see dandelions?

I found this quote this morning. What a great yet simple lesson on the power of perspective.

I admit that when I look at dandelions…especially when they are in my yard…I don’t always see the thousand wishes 🙂

How can this quote assist you in your life today?


Whats the deal with perspective?

My focus for this month is on “perspective”. I am interested to learn and hear your thoughts on how changing/improving your perspective can assist you in building the life that you want.

Here is a great quote to start us off!


What happens when you change your perspective?


This quote is such a powerful reminder of how our perspective create our experience with life, situations, relationships, work, and most everything else.  What would happen if we truly changed our perspective when we were faced with challenges or stressful situations?

I had an opportunity to experience this change of perspective this week.  I have experienced an increase in workload at my job over the last month.  This increase has required more from me, and I will admit…I have found myself feeling a bit overwhelmed with all that I am being asked to do.

This perspective of being “overwhelmed” was challenged by my wife this week.  We were talking over the phone after a particularly stressful client call I had just finished.  In her wisdom, she asked me “Babe, what if you stopped feeling overwhelmed and started feeling grateful for all the clients you get to work with?”  She may not have said those exact words, but that was what I heard.

This question stopped me dead in my tracks…and I was able to take a look at how my current perspective was holding me back.   As I thanked my wife for her wisdom, I made a commitment to change my perspective on my current workload.  This renewed perspective of feeling grateful for all the clients I get to work with totally changed the remainder of my week.

Could it really be that easy?  Could a change in perspective really allow us to experience more from life?  

From my perspective the answer is YES.

How about you?