How are you going to start your week?

I love this principle of starting over. It is something that we can do each week, each day, and each moment. Whether things are going great, or you are in the center of a struggle…we always have the ability to choose our next step.

What are your plans this week to start your week?

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Start Again…where is your focus taking you?

I always try and find a video to share on Fridays.

The video below is a quick 3 minutes, but it had a big impact on me this morning. One of the main points I loved in this video is the following quote – “Attention Determines Direction…which Determines our Destiny”

Wherever you are at with your life, your business, or your relationships…you and I can always determine what we focus on.

My challenge to myself is to continue to focus on my goals, dreams, and aspirations, and use this focus to continue to WORK…what about you?

Thank goodness we can always “Start Over Again”

I get to work with some of the most amazing people! I always feel that I learn and grow from each of the conversations I have. Hopefully the feeling is mutual and those I work with feel the same way about working with me

One of the themes I have noticed this month is that those that are successful have the ability to keep moving forward, to start over each day, to never give up. What an amazing life principle.

I came across this quote this morning – I am so grateful that we all have the opportunity to start over again if needed!


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Are you living on purpose…or just drifting?

I have been reading the book “Living Forwad” and have been inspired by the topic of living life on purpose and with a plan, rather than just going through the motions.

I find that I go through the motions or “drift” through life more than I would like to.  I would assume there are times in our lives when we all do this.  I am excited to develop my life plan which will allow me to live more intentionally and on purpose.

Do you have a life plan?  If so, how has it helped you in your life?

Does 1/2 effort build momentum?

One of the principles that has stuck out to me again this month is that in order to get and then keep momentum in your life, work, relationships…you have to consistently WORK.

We can’t expect to see the results or see momentum build if we are not doing our part.

What can you do today to add to your momentum?

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