How To Make Life Work For You

I have been thinking about this exact topic over the last week. My dream is to build a successful coaching business where I get to assist others in living their dreams. This post reminded me again that what we consciously choose to focus on we ultimately become.  I am going to focus on creating this coaching business.

What about you?

Thanks for the great thought provoking post Chris…I had to pass it along!

Best Practice Life

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Since we’re on the topic of enjoying a balanced life this week, I wanted to quickly share with you a quote that I believe best summarizes this concept.

“Make life work for you!”

Whether it be work, relationships, your health or any other facet of your life, there’s always one goal in mind – make it work best for you.

  • Don’t like your job? Fix it or find a new one
  • Sick of a negative relationship? End it.
  • Tired of the way you look in the mirror? Do something positive about it now!

Too often we fall victim to mental ruts, where we believe negative aspects of our lives are unchangeable. The process is too difficult, we lack focus, the security of a bad situation is preferrable to the scariness of an unknown one.

– Even when we know it’ll be better for us in the end.

In essence, we remain in negative…

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3 thoughts on “How To Make Life Work For You

  1. Fantastic thank you for sharing. Amazing that it took me close to 40 years to figure out my Vision, my Why, my purpose. I am so happy that you have found yours. I wish and hope that businesses hire you to coach their employees, because if the employees know why they come to work, then they will be happier and accomplish more at work.
    Great work, keep it up.

    Thanks Chanse

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    • Thanks Chanse. I see this applying to everything in life, not only work. This post hit me to the core today and reminded me again that we get to choose in every moment what we want to create.


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