Tough times and Character

Can tough times build our character?

Depends on how we respond to the tough times doesn’t it?


Worry about your character

I love this quote about character that I came across this morning!


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Are you doing your best?

One big thing that has stuck out to me this week in regards to “character” is that our character can assist us in doing our best…and when we do our best, our character gets stronger as well.
So the question to ask today is…Are you doing your best to build the the life you want?
For me…I feel that I can answer YES to this question everyday this week, except for yesterday.  I let a situation get under my skin and didn’t show the character that I wanted.  The great thing about this experience though is that I was aware of it…and next time I am in that situation I am going to act differently and show my true character.
Please take a minute and watch this quick video!

What is your legacy…your mark?

One of the themes I have been hearing on my calls this month is the desire to leave a legacy…a mark on the world.

To me this is another sign of character. When we do something because of the difference we want to make in the lives of others, it defines and refines our true character. The quote below hits this idea perfectly.

What are your plans to leave your mark today?

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I help people discover the mark they want to leave on the world and assist them in putting a plan in place to accomplish their goals.  If you or someone you know is looking for that type of support please comment or message me.  I would love to talk with you about how I may be able to assist.

Get back up!!!

Can our character help us get back when we are faced with frustration and disappointment?

ABSOLUTELY!!! We are all faced with frustration, discouragement, and disappointment…but if our character is strong enough…we will always get back up and try again.


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Where do we stand when things get hard?

I love the quote below. It is another great reminder of the importance of testing and challenging our character.

I have noticed this principle in my life.  It is easy to stay true to your goals and focus in life when everything is calm.  How do we respond when things get tough, we have challenges, or life throws us a curve ball?

How can this quote assist you today?


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Can character help us get through the hard times?

This 3 minute video was a great “gut-check” for me this morning, and reminded me that Character really shows up when we are faced with challenges, hard times, and set backs.

We are all going to go through, or are currently going through tough times…and when we find ourselves in that situation we can either let it hold us down, or get back up and keep going. Character helps us get back up and keep going.

What can you do today to show your character and get back up and keep striving and thriving towards your goals?