Are you doing your best?

One big thing that has stuck out to me this week in regards to “character” is that our character can assist us in doing our best…and when we do our best, our character gets stronger as well.
So the question to ask today is…Are you doing your best to build the the life you want?
For me…I feel that I can answer YES to this question everyday this week, except for yesterday.  I let a situation get under my skin and didn’t show the character that I wanted.  The great thing about this experience though is that I was aware of it…and next time I am in that situation I am going to act differently and show my true character.
Please take a minute and watch this quick video!

4 thoughts on “Are you doing your best?

  1. Thank you so much for sharing all of these amazing, uplifting thoughts. I have been passing them along to Jake as he has been having a hard time on his mission.


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