Experience Life…Take in each situation…Put one foot in front of the other

One of my friends shared this clip with me this morning.  I love the message it portrays.  Here are a few points that stood out to me

  1. Try to take in the situation, instead of fighting or trying to change it.
  2. Life is not about eliminating the fear…it is about finding the courage within the face of fear
  3. Our lives are defined by our ability…to stand up and put one foot in front of the other.

What thoughts/impressions stood out for you as you watched this video?


Life is like a train ride

I came across this blog this morning as I was looking for some thoughts about experiencing life. Please take a minute to read this post and watch this clip about “Life on a train”.  It is a great reminder to us all that we can either just go through the motions and tolerate life OR we can experience life, enjoy the journey, and impact others.

Experience Life



I have had a crazy couple of weeks. I will admit that when I have had crazy weeks like this in the past I would usually be stressed, overwhelmed, and ready for a break.

This week has been different.  Why…because I made a choice to experience all the craziness instead of tolerate, worry, or stress about it.

I noticed that I often tolerate the craziness of life, Stress about the problems, and worry about whether I am going to have time to get everything done.  Choosing to simply experience all that life sent my way this week freed me from these judgments…and I experienced a peace and Joy a midst the craziness.

How can focusing on experiencing all that Life has to offer allow you to have more peace and joy?