Life is like a train ride

I came across this blog this morning as I was looking for some thoughts about experiencing life. Please take a minute to read this post and watch this clip about “Life on a train”.  It is a great reminder to us all that we can either just go through the motions and tolerate life OR we can experience life, enjoy the journey, and impact others.


A very long time ago I stumbled across a power point presentation, It was approx 15 years ago. It was something I have kept and transferred from every computer I have ever owned since…. and its touched my life and changed the way I see some things.

Life is like a train ride, we get on the train, off the train all headed for the same destination. Some are on the train longer than others. We are all on a journey, we all have our baggage that we carry. Some times we want to sit next to someone on the train ride, but sometimes that seat is already taken.

I wanted to share this with you today. Cherish it as I have and still do. Share this, and touch some other peoples journey.

Sadly I don’t know who created this, where it originated from. But I commend the person that put…

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