Family…it is what life is all about

I try to keep my Saturday’s and Sunday’s as the days I devote to my family.  They are the center of my world and the reason why I do everything I do.

As I spend my last day with my family before a big new adventure, I have been thinking how important family is in the grand scheme of life.  We spend so much time at work, pursuing education, an other amazing and worthwhile activities…but at the end of the day…what do we do it for?  For me…it is for my family!



I hope everyone has a great day and simply enjoys their family, whatever that looks like.


To my family…The world is what we say it is.

To my entire family,

“I have for many years endeavored to make this vital truth clear; and still people marvel when I tell them that I am happy. They imagine that my limitations weigh heavily upon my spirit, and chain me to the rock of despair. Yet, it seems to me, happiness has very little to do with the senses. If we make up our minds that this is a drab and purposeless universe, it will be that, and nothing else. On the other hand, if we believe that the earth is ours, and that the sun and moon hang in the sky for our delight, there will be joy upon the hills and gladness in the fields because the Artist in our souls glorifies creation. Surely, it gives dignity to life to believe that we are born into this world for noble ends, and that we have a higher destiny than can be accomplished within the narrow limits of this physical life.” ~ Helen Keller

One of the biggest desires that I would love to see each of you understand is the power your thoughts and belief’s have on your life.  If you think the world is amazing…it will be.  If you think the world is horrible…it will be.  Each one of you have the ability to choose how your world looks and feels.

Love, Dad.