Are you unconscious about the direction of your life?


How often do you live your life on “auto-pilot” or by “going through the motions” and look back on the day/week/month/year and wonder what happened?  This is a perfect example of living life unconsciously.

This quote provides a simple step to increase your consciousness.

Simply start paying attention to the unconscious thoughts and choices you make.

When we become aware of these unconscious thoughts and choices, we automatically make them conscious.  Then, if we choose to, we can direct and program our lives in the direction we want it to go.  When we are not aware…we have no choice.

How could this quote assist you in programming and directing your life? 


4 thoughts on “Are you unconscious about the direction of your life?

  1. It’s true that what you focus on, becomes the most important part of your life. Case in point, have you ever needed to complete a project and needed a particular store to purchase items? I guarantee you’ll see stores that you’ve never noticed before despite driving past them countless times before.

    The stores were always there. They just weren’t part of your conscious before.

    Such is the same with how you direct your life.

    Spot on quote.

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    • I really feel life is all about awareness. I have heard it said that “life is the process of awareness and the awareness of the process”. the first step is just becoming aware of how you are thinking and what you are doing by default. The moment you become aware, you gain power, and then you can choose what you want to do, instead of reacting.


  2. When my life gets extremely busy (baseball season) I usually find myself just going through the motions. Definitely something to work on this year.


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