Believe in yourself – you are something unique!!!

The topic of this week has been believing in and having faith in yourself.   I have found so many good topics, stories, and videos around this subject.  This clip is a great example of what can happen when we know who we are and believe in ourselves.  I typed up a few of the points that stuck out to me…ENJOY!!!

  • “Your brain is like a circuit switch.  Once you believe you are something…you actually embody it, you embody that feeling.”
  • “Being successful in life is all about having the proper belief system in who you are.  Truly believing that you are something unique, that you are something special in that field…you will be entirely different than if your like I hope I am good”.
  • “If you are unsure about who you are, then your dreams, your goals, they will never become a reality.  Everyone has mental doubts in life, internal conflicts, even the most successful people, that you look up to, but they don’t live there.”
  • “It’s how you handle those negative thoughts in that exact moment and overwhelm them with positive action, and that comes with this utmost confidence in yourself that you can handle the situation, trust in yourself that you are better than the moment.”

How does knowing who you are assist you in believing in yourself?  



7 thoughts on “Believe in yourself – you are something unique!!!

  1. A great post Travis. Belief is oneself is the key. If you do not believe in yourself you will always do things with doubt and therefore not be able to put in all of yourself. To get the best out of yourself, believe in yourself. I agree with you.


  2. Thank you so very much for writing this up.
    You have written a very nice and thought-provoking post here. It provokes me from fearing in trying something new. Knowing yourself is the most precious thing in the world and I am also trying to do so that’s why, it comes out to be a good post for me.

    Also, thank you so very much for following my blog but I recently got from to So, I will be posting there.


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