Who is going to program and direct your life?

I have had some amazing experiences this past week that I am so excited to share with everyone. These experiences are all centered around the following quote.

“If you don’t program your life…it will program it for you.” – Bruce D Schneider

What are your thoughts around this quote?

For me, this quote says that if I am not taking steps to better my life, if I am not focusing on making conscious choices on how I want to show up and what I want my life to look like…then life is going to do it for me, and I may not even realize what is happening.

This week I am going to focus my thoughts on ways we can consciously program and direct our lives in a way that enables us to live consciously.  I look forward to your thoughts and insights.


6 thoughts on “Who is going to program and direct your life?

  1. Couldn’t agree more. Life is going to go on, with or without your direct input. Those who don’t steer their own boat are at the mercy of the river’s current – which often takes them right into the rapids.

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  2. Great timing for me. We are looking at some ‘hills to climb’ this year as a family. With planning, preparation and a whole lot of Faith we can do it. It is easier just to let life take you, however I think life is better if I take control, with faith and steer my boat.

    Thanks for this…

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  3. isn’t it funny how we sometimes think that it is easier to just let life take us where it wants us to go? I have thought this in the past as well and it is a normal thought process. Like you mentioned though…life is better and I would argue actually “easier” when we take charge and program our life. Thanks of the insight.


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