You cannot make a mistake…what do you think?

  • There are no “mistakes” only different varieties of ways to experience life and remember more of who we are.  We make choices based on our past, our belief systems, our values, and perhaps even the collective consciousness that’s engrained in our DNA.  We always choose what we believe is the best possible choice in any given situation.  Instead of directing our energy toward the past by beating ourselves up over “mistakes,” why not ask, “What is the lesson?  What can be learned from this experience?” – IPEC core principle

What are your thoughts about this idea/principle?  

When I first heard this principle I don’t think I fully understood it.  I still don’t think I completely understand it, but I am realizing more and more each day that there are really no mistakes…we simply choose what we feel is the best choice in any given moment.  A mistake is the judgment we put on the choice we make.

Releasing the judgment is a very freeing feeling.  Doing this allows me to focus on the lesson I can learn from my choices instead of beating myself up over the “mistake” I made

What would your life look like if you did the same? 


2 thoughts on “You cannot make a mistake…what do you think?

  1. Wow, if I change my perspective about mistakes and view them as opportunities, judgments etc I hope I would not beat myself up over those past mistakes, I probably spend too much time beating myself up, when I could take a deep breath and move on, look at it in a different light. Why do I love to hold on to past mistakes? I can’t do anything about them. It is almost like a cable attached to my back, I need to learn to not attach it, look at the mistakes differently. I believe if I could do this my stress, anxiety, and fear levels would drop drastically. I would be happier. Amazing how much power there is in just looking at events in a different way. I hope to start doing this today…..

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    • Chanse. it is totally normal to hold on to past experiences, and as you are more aware of how these experiences are holding you back, you in turn gain a stronger awareness of choosing how you want to respond to them. that is the point. the more aware you are of the judgments you are making, the easier it is to choose a different path. Life is the process of awareness and the awareness of the process. Remember that a mistake is the judgement we put on our choices. what would your life look like if you released the judgement and just experienced the choices?


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