It is never too early, to be whatever you want to be.


What a great quote.  I love the last line…”I hope you live a life you’re proud of, and if you’re not, I hope you have the courage to start all over again.”

Are you living the type of life that you are proud of?  For me, this is a question I can ask myself in every moment, and if my answer is NO, I can make a choice to change it.  What a great opportunity and power we have to be able to make this choice in every situation we find ourselves.

Here’s to making our lives one that we are proud of.  


One thought on “It is never too early, to be whatever you want to be.

  1. I definitely agree with Fitzgerald’s statement that it’s never too late or early, but I keep going back to the idea that if a person hems and haws, starts and stops, they’re simply not ready to make a lasting change. That only occurs when you get to the point where you’ll no longer accept your current situation and at that point there is no reason to stay the course and starting when you want means starting right now.

    It’s a good quote, but I’m more a believer in definitive change. I believe leaving any shred of doubt about when to start or being able to stop at any time only leads to unfulfillment of the goal. As human beings, I’ve found that if we leave even the slightest way out, we’ll invariably utilize it when the going gets tough.

    Otherwise, everyone would be living their ideal life.

    Thanks again for the message you provide your readers.


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