Something to think about…how do we treat ourselves?

Take a look at the quote below and let me know what comes up for you.

“If we treated our friends like we treat ourselves, we’d all go to jail” – Unknown

What thoughts or impressions come to mind?

My post on Monday was about how we cannot make a mistake.  In that post we discussed the idea that we all make the best decision we can in each given moment.  A “mistake” is the judgement we place on our choices, and by releasing these judgments, we can in turn learn from our choices instead of beating ourselves up over our “mistakes”

This quote confirms the inner battle that we sometimes struggle with.  I have noticed that I beat myself up, judge myself for the choices I make, and have a inner battle with myself…that sometimes get ugly.  No one knows the details of this battle but me, it is individual for me and for us all.

What would happen if we could release these judgments we put on ourselves, release the “mistakes” and treat ourselves like we want others to treat us?


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