Consistency = Keeping your eye on YOUR goal

Another lesson I have learned this month is that to be consistent…you have to consistently keep your eye on YOUR goal – no matter what trials, distractions, discouragement, or frustrations try to get in your way.

A great example of this is what Michael Phelps did in the 2016 Summer Olympics. After being beaten in 2012 by Chad le Clos he came back and beat him in the same event in 2016.

The interesting thing for me in this story is that le Clos was beating everyone until the last 50 meters…but he took his eye of HIS goal and started looking at Phelps. le Clos lost his lead and ended up placing 4th.

Take a look at the picture below. How can you be like Michael Phelps in your life and use consistency to help you achieve your goals?

Image may contain: 1 person, swimming, pool, water and outdoor

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